High-performance Application Platform

Semux is a scalable smart contract platform, powered by Semux BFT consensus algorithm.
It provides full compatibility to EVM and has instant finality.

What is Semux?

Semux is an experimental and innovative decentralized application network, fully driven by its volunteers and community.
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  • Original Codebase

    Open Source

    Built from 100% original open-source technology

  • Instant Finality

    Instant Finality

    Transactions are finalized instantly, and irreversible

  • High Performance

    High Performance

    Handles 5,000+ tx per block on open network

  • Secure

    Community Driven

    Driven by 100 validators by the community

Get Started

The beginning

  1. Click the Download button below to get the latest release;
  2. Run the launcher semux-gui.bat or semux-gui.sh to start the wallet;
  3. (For Windows user) You may also need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package (x64).
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* Roadmap items and timing are subject to change.

Semux 3.0
2021 and beyond

This phase focuses on ecosystem building and decentralised governance.

Semux 2.0
2018 - 2020

In this phase, we add smart contrct support to Semu Network. Notable deliverables includes:

  • Ethereum virtual machine
  • HD wallet
As of today, both features has been successfully activated on the main network. All smart contracts compiled with EVM version constantinople are fully supported.

Semux 1.0
2017 - 2018

This is the first phase of Semux Network, with major releases:

  • Semux BFT consenus
  • Blockhain explorer
  • Staking pool
  • Exchanges and Javascript SDK
The main network was successfully launched on January 20, 2018. The initial coins were distributed to Airdrop participants and community members who help the development and testing of Semux Core.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Semux is 100% open-source and battle tested for years.

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Semux has a total supply cap of 32,000,000 SEM.

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The remaining coins are distributed to validators of the network. The block rewards are:

  • 0-2M blocks: 3 SEM / block
  • 2M-6M blocks: 2 SEM / block
  • 6M-14M blocks: 1 SEM / block
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100% open-source, original and community-driven;
Innovative Semux BFT consensus engine;
High performance with smart contract support.

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Yes, it's currently listed on STEX Exchange.

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  • Buy SEM through STEX Exchange.
  • Buy SEM via the #trading of the official discord.. Beware of scammers!
  • Participate in bounty programs.
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A delegate is the representative of its voters. Delegates with highest votes are validators, who produce blocks and secure the network.

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