Fast Smart Contract Platform

Semux is a performant Smart Contract platform, powered by the
Semux BFT consensus algorithm.

What is Semux?

Semux is a decentralized application platform, powered by the Semux BFT consensus engine. It's fast, robust and powerful.
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  • Original Codebase

    Open Source

    Built from 100% original open-source technology

  • Instant Finality

    Instant Finality

    Transactions are finalized instantly, and irreversible

  • High Performance

    High Performance

    Handles 5,000+ tx per block on open network

  • Secure

    Community Driven

    Driven by 100 validators by the community

Get Started

The beginning

  1. Click the Download button below to get the latest release;
  2. (Windows user) You may also need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package (x64).
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Coin Distribution

32,000,000 SEM Maximum Supply

Block Rewards: 22,000,000 SEM
(mining ends in years 2031-2032)

  • 0-2M blocks: 3 SEM / block
  • 2M-6M blocks: 2 SEM / block
  • 6M-14M blocks: 1 SEM / block

Distributed to the community: 5,000,000 SEM

  • Alpha test rewards: 1,349,660 SEM
  • Beta test rewards: 864,000 SEM
  • RC test rewards: 150,000 SEM
  • Airdrop to bitcointalk users: 1,016,600 SEM
  • Airdrop to BTC (bitcoin) holders: 1,207,905 SEM
  • Airdrop to ETH (ethereum) holders: 32,906 SEM
  • Future activities TBA: 378,929 SEM

Development and marketing: 5,000,000 SEM

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* roadmap items and timing are subject to change.

Development: Semux Core 1.0

First release of Semux Core software with Semux BFT consensus, draft specifications, public testing including alpha test, beta test and various Release Candidate networks.

Q4 2017

Free Airdrop accomplished several things for the project: enlarged the Semux network and pre-seeded it with validators for Mainnet, helped to decentralize the initial distribution of SEM coins, and distributed coins into the hands of people who are interested in participating in the project.

Main Network Launch
January 20, 2018

Semux Core 1.0 codebase has been finalised and the network was successfully launched.

Development: Staking pool software
Q1 2018

A pool allows a group of people who do not have enough SEM to join their votes to have enough voting power to create new blocks as validators.

Exchange Listings
Q2 2018

SEM is the native cryptocurrency of Semux network. It has 3 main use cases: it used in governance and BFT consensus algorithm (voting for delegates); it is a fuel for running decentralised apps; it is a store of value and mean of payment.

In 2018 it was listed in STEX exchange. And as of 2019, SEM is trading in 4 different exchanges: Stex, Citex, Tokok and p2pb2b.

Development: Semux JS SDK
May 2018

Semux JS SDK allows to securely interact with Semux blockchain and thus build both client/browser and server side applications. It's supported in Node.js and most modern browsers.

Development: Virtual machine and HD wallet - Testnet
Q4 2018

In December 2018 the virtual machine has been successfully activated in Testnet enabling smart contracts in Solidity. Same release featured HD-wallets.

Development: Semux Core 2.0
August 2019

Semux 2.0 features Virtual Machine, which has been successfully activated in the block #1,640,591, HD-wallets and FAST_SYNC protocol.

Development: Web3 support

This will allow to use existing toolset and simplify the frontend development for Dapps.

Development: Browser extensions

Semux Keeper is an extension that allows users to securely interact with Semux-enabled web services from the browser. Private keys are encrypted and stored within the extension and cannot be accessed by online dApps and services, making sure that users' funds are protected from malicious websites.

Development: Semux light desktop wallet

Light cross-platform wallet to speed up onboarding of new SEM users without the need to download heavy blockchain unless they are validators.

Development: Semux mobile wallets

Light SEM wallets to allow voting and SEM transfers from Android and iOS devices.

Semux Developer Program

Public bounty program to incentivize development of new consumer-oriented apps on top of Semux platform.

Development: Semux Core 3.0

This release features on-chain governance and DAOs with decentralized control of funds as their basis.
Further governance of the network and upgrades to the software or blockchain state are left to the community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Semux is a decentralized application platorm, powered by the Semux BFT consensus engine.

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Yes! Semux is 100% open-source and tested with high coverage.

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Semux has a total supply cap of 32,000,000 SEM.

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Around 11 million. Exact numbers are available here.

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The remaining coins are distributed to validators of the network. The block rewards are:

  • 0-2M blocks: 3 SEM / block
  • 2M-6M blocks: 2 SEM / block
  • 6M-14M blocks: 1 SEM / block
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100% open-source, original and community-driven;
Innovative Semux BFT consensus engine;
High performance with smart contract support.

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Yes! It's currently listed on STEX Exchange,, and

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Buy SEM on STEX Exchange;
Buy SEM OTC in #trading channel of the official discord. Beware of scammers!
Review the codebase for a bug bounty;
Vote for a validator who is willing to share block rewards (public pools).

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A delegate is the representative of its voters. Delegates with highest votes are validators, who produce blocks and secure the network.

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The current minimum transaction fee is 0.005 SEM.

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