A New And
Exciting Blockchain

Semux is an innovative high-performance
blockchain platform powered by
Semux BFT consensus algorithm.

What is Semux?

Semux is an innovative high-performance blockchain platform that powers decentralized application. It's written purely in Java and powered by Semux BFT consensus algorithm.
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  • Original Codebase

    Original Codebase

    Semux uses 100% original

  • Instant Finality

    Instant Finality

    Transactions are finalized
    in 30 seconds

  • High Performance

    High Performance

    Tested 5,000 tx per block
    on open network

  • Secure


    Powered by Semux
    BFT consensus

Get Started

The beginning

  1. Download and install Java SE Runtime Environment 8 or above
  2. (Windows user) Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package
  3. Download the latest version of Semux Wallet below
Download Now!

Coin Distribution

100,000,000 SEM Maximum Supply

Block Rewards: 75,000,000 SEM

  • Block reward: 3 SEM / block

Community distribution: 10,000,000 SEM

  • Alpha test rewards: 1,349,660 SEM
  • Beta test rewards: 864,000 SEM
  • RC test rewards: 150,000 SEM
  • Airdrop to bitcointalk users: 1,016,600 SEM
  • Airdrop to bitcoin holders: 1,207,905 SEM
  • Airdrop to altcoin holders: under consideration

Development and marketing: 10,000,000 SEM

Founders: 5,000,000 SEM

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  • Sep 7, 2017

    Alpha test - completed

  • Oct 1, 2017

    Beta test - completed

  • Nov 5, 2017

    RC test - completed

  • Jan 20, 2018

    First release with Semux
    BFT consensus - completed

  • Q4 2018

    Second release with
    Semux virtual machine

  • Q2 2019

    Third release with Semux
    decentralized application

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Frequently Asked Questions

Semux is an innovative high-performance blockchain platform that powers decentralized applications.

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Yes! Semux uses BFT consensus algorithm.

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Max total supply: 100,000,000 SEM.

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Around 25 million. Check the amount here: richlist

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The rest goes to validators of the network. The block reward is 3 SEM: 8640 SEM per day, 259200 SEM per month.

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Semux BFT consensus, only one confirm needed;
High transaction throughput (5000 txs per block, tested);
Planned decentralized app support.

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We will be contacting exchanges in Q1-Q2 2018.

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Currently there are 3 core developers and some contributors. Semux is looking to expand the dev team.

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Buy them on the OTC Thread. Beware of scammers!
Join the BTC Airdrop
Join the Signature Campaign
Contribute to the community
Become a validator
Vote for a validator who is willing to share (e.g. semux.info pool)

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Delegate is a special account that represents the voters. Delegates with highest total votes are considered validators, who will be responsible for forging blocks. To register a delegate, you need to burn 1000 SEMs. More

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The current min transaction fee is 0.005 SEM.

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